A few steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur

A few steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur

There is no secret or short cut in business. An individual needs to combine his passion with perseverance and positive attitude to become a successful entrepreneur. The journey of every successful entrepreneur starts with struggle and hard work. However, Shivangini Bhartia can make the journey of entrepreneurship a lot easier and exciting for you with the help of some valuable insights and tips. These insights can help you in facing a number of challenges that can come along. She has listed 7 points that can help you in becoming a successful entrepreneur:

A few steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur

A few steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur

  • Create opportunities: If you really want to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to create the opportunities rather than waiting for them. One must research and explore all the options and use data-based inputs to create opportunities. Coming up with an idea is not enough, one must have the potential to put it into practice.
  • Smelling the rat: The owner of the business should be cautious about every single detail. One cannot afford to ignore the smallest of information, as it may prove to be costly.
  • Strong impact of social media: This is where most of the businesses make or break. Shivangini Bhartia suggests that the presence on social media cites cannot be overlooked, especially in today’s technology-driven world. There are numerous examples of entrepreneurs who have made it big with the help of social media.
  • Customer service: The success of your business totally depends on the kind of service you provide to your customers. The quicker you understand it, the better it is for you. Customer service is the backbone of every business.
  • Trust your abilities: Considering all the facts before taking a decision is important. But when you have taken the decision, trusting your instincts is as important as anything. Every individual has his own strengths and weaknesses. One must trust his abilities.
  • Failure is not the end: Most entrepreneurs find it difficult in the early days of their business. One should always remember that there is hardly anything, which comes easy as you like. You will always have to strive for success, so keep on finding that spark in you to carry yourself in tough times.


What next: Even if your business is going along very well you need to have a vision and keep asking yourself what’s the next step? How to improve? We have a number of examples in front of ourselves where the biggest of businesses have failed to sustain because of their inability to adopt to the change. According to Shivangini Bhartia, the best form of sustenance is to keep yourself updated and adopt to the change as quickly as possible.

Shivangini Bhartia

5 things young entrepreneurs should always remember

The sun shines brighter where the sky is clear. Sounds too poetic and dumb, but it’s a fact. Young people have that ‘sunny’ life. They don’t have much to worry about and can easily take care of a fruitful entrepreneurial venture. Young businessmen still have a lot to figure out, and a few tips can keep them on the right path. Here’s some!

Shivangini Bhartia

Shivangini Bhartia

Investments are a subject to market risks

So please plan your business ideas carefully. Your investments will experience a lot of heat if you adopt a low return on investment (ROI) strategy. To preserve the returns, a startup needs to research on the market conditions. Google analytics and Search engine Optimization (SEO) tools will help immensely. They will tell you the attention your idea is getting online. Furthermore, it will help you map the practicability of the startup and how much resources it requires.


Case study is important

I am sure there are people who have used a startup concept similar to yours. Find such startups and analyze their success/failures. A thorough case study should be done on such startups to find out what’s the secret of their success, if they’re fairing well, or what went wrong if the idea was a disaster.


Don’t celebrate early on your maiden success

If you’ve seen the movie Lagaan then you might remember Captain Russell’s celebration when he takes a catch, followed by an extremely disappointing situation. That’s what early celebration is! I know meeting one of your deadlines or business goals in a short time is celebration worthy. But, it shouldn’t blindfold you against an approaching risk or opportunity.


Never stop learning

Learning is an indefinite process. With a huge set of skills, you will become wiser and qualified to take on multitudes of challenges. For example, an IT entrepreneur with a commerce background should learn programming languages to better understand his startup.


Believe in yourself

A failed startup is often the spawn of doubt. The answers to questions in your business-fold should either be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. There is no room for ‘maybe’. A captain not sure about his ship’s navigation might sink with his ship.


The path to entrepreneurial success is filled with thorns and mazes. You’ll have to face defeats and difficulties that might turn seed your brain with hesitation and low morale. But if you keep trying, you’ll find the victory you’re looking for.


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Shivangini Bhartia is an entrepreneur who believes working smart is more important than working hard. She emphasizes on trying, again and again, no matter how many times you lose. Mistakes beget a learning curve and the learning curve escalates you to success. Shivangini finds business jabber to be inessential when it comes to real-world implications. In her opinion, talking the walk is slacky, rather people should talk while they walk, and not just walk the talk.

Shivangini Bhartia loves learning new things, a reason why she can be found on Reddit and blogging sites looking for interesting articles that twist your mind space. She’s a dudette who has a penchant for real estate and food blogging. Have fun on her website!